About Us

The 889 Shop is a thoughtfully curated boutique in the heart of Toronto, nestled in 889 Community - a movement and wellness space.  

All of our products are selected with four pillars in mind: local, female-led, environmentally friendly, and all-natural.  

Whether it be in your wardrobe, skincare routine, or yoga practice, we have you covered with the products that we love and believe in most. 


Meet our Team! 


I'm Jenny, the Shop Curator at 889! I'm an artistic soul and love making beautiful things + making things beautiful. I'm also the Founder of RAUQ, a high-vibe, crystal jewelry line.

My favourite product in the shop is the charcoal soap, KHEM by Beardhood. I'm also obsessed with selenite wands on windowsills and cozy nights in with Province Apothecary's Lover's Oil.



I'm Brittany, Head of Operations + Programs here at 889 Community.  I love the opportunity to meet folks at the beginning of their meditation and movement journeys - creating and curating their experience from start to finish.  My passion for movement comes from a lifetime of professional and recreational dancing, and has transformed into a deep curiosity for functional movement, building strength, and sweating for mental health.  I am strongly committed to leading by example and trying new things to shake up my personal growth.  Pick my brain about sensory deprivation float tanks, podcasts, or social media detoxification.

At 889, I spearhead all things Yoga Teacher Training and make it my mission to nurture the experience of our YTT students before, during, and after their training.  Catch me making posters for studio events, coaching clients, or brainstorming new ways to improve the guest experience - I do a little bit of everything here!

My favourite shop product is the Stray & Wander Turkish Towel.  The towels are incredibly absorbent, support women's cooperatives around the world and are of course, beautiful.



Hey! I’m Vanessa, but by now most of you call me V. I'm the Creative Director here at 889 Community. I’m a gal who thrives on connection and is thrilled to greet you each morning at 6:30 AM in hopes you’ll tell me what you did over the weekend, what you’re working on, what your heart is up to currently, or stories about your dog. You’ll always see me with a coffee (or three) at the desk, and as you get to know me, you’ll learn that quality time is my love language but coffee is the real MVP. 

At 889 I manage all things creative. From marketing and social media, to photography, brand development, creating the challenges you all love and participate in, to writing blogs and the creation of our studio + shop weekly newsletters!  When i'm not at the desk you'll often see me dancing around and watering all of our beautiful green spaces, or teaching meditation and movement classes at the studio too!  I’m a movement junkie and aim to move my body in a meaningful way at least once a day. In fact, you’ll often spot me on the mat or at the barre moving along side you in class. 

My favourite product is the Hollow Valley Tarot Card Deck.



I'm Elena and love being a part of the wellness community. I believe that taking care of our physical + mental health is so important and I make sure it takes priority in my life. I really enjoy eating tasty, nourishing foods, attending any sort of group movement classes, and being able to help others on their wellness journeys, so feel free to ask me for any class recommendations.  

My favourite product is the Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser + Makeup Remover. It's really gentle and leaves my face feeling so moisturized and fresh. I also love supporting local Toronto brands making high quality products with natural and organic ingredients.