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Squishy Stability Ball
Squishy Stability Ball

Squishy Stability Ball

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Improve body posture, cardio endurance, strength, and balance. Perfect for studio use + your at-home practice!

How does it work? By bringing instability to your movements, you’ll switch on your deep stabilizing muscles, firing up the core while demonstrating the gaps in your form. You can also use your ball to roll out sore muscles or to support low back or neck during exercise.

Why We Love It: Our 889 Squishy Stability Balls are high-quality, slow-deflate and used to carry out various forms of exercise to improve body posture, cardio endurance, strength, and balance. It is compact and a portable travel companion.

Our Squishy Stability Balls are made from an anti-burst PVC plastic designed for pliability and for the safest, most functional use in workout conditions. Its non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free materials.

Take a little piece of 889 home with you. 

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