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The Toning Ball

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889 Toning Ball

Tone your entire body with versatile toning Bballs. Perfect for studio use + your at home practice!

What is it? Here at 889, this fun and portable prop is incorporated into many of our Barre and Pilates classes targeting a variety of strengthening exercises to help achieve lean, strong muscles. We love them because they increase intensity, add a challenge, tone your entire body and bring awareness to your stability.

Why We Love It: Made from soft vinyl, toning balls can be used instead of handheld dumbbells to add more resistance to any exercise, thereby helping to improve balance, coordination and flexibility. Toning balls are a great addition to a Pilates or Barre workout, especially as they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. For example, when performing a Leg Lift, a Toning Ball can be incorporated between the ankles, knees or thighs or held against the outside of the thigh for further challenge.

Our toning balls are made from soft vinyl with a PVC shell, which makes the outside waterproof and resistant to dirt, mildew, and gives the material added strength and durability. An iron sand filling is what gives toning balls their weight.

We’re beyond thrilled to offer you one of our favourite props from our studio into your home! Connecting our community with the comfort of our colours and logo from our house to yours!

2lb - Dusty Sand

3lb - Stone Grey 

*each ball sold separately*

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