Tune Up Therapy Balls
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Tune Up Therapy Balls

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Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls measure about 2 1/2" in diameter each. The special rubber grips at your skin and grabs at multiple layers of muscles while rubbing out adhesions and tensions. The mesh drawstring snug-grip tote is included.

Yoga Tune Up helps to identify and target your "body blind spots." These are areas that are most overused, underused or misused. When this method is paired with conscious corrected exercises, functional strength training and dynamic stretching, it helps to heal damaged muscle. This method will also increase your strength, mobility and establish healthy movement patterns to help erase pain in your practice.


Practice this method at home with Adam Bolton's Yoga Tune Up Greatest Hits on the 889 blog. Watch along with the instructional video and download the free worksheet so you can stop, drop and roll out anywhere.

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