The Healing Crystal Bundle
The Healing Crystal Bundle

The Healing Crystal Bundle

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The Healing Crystal Bundle is a curated collection of 4 healing crystals to support your healing journey. 

Each bundle includes :

  • Agate Geode - for protection + spiritual growth
  • Manango Calcite - for self forgiveness
  • Orbicular Jasper - to release emotional blockages
  • Selenite - to cleanse + calm
  • Shungite - to boost overall health + detoxification

The crystals are packaged in a hand-woven grass basket made with care by an artisan women's collective in India. 

Each crystal has been chosen for its unique properties to support your healing journey.

Agate Geode | Agate geodes are used to ground while creating keeping harmony in the home. 

Mangano Calcite | Mangano Calcite is a stone of peace and well-being. It is a deep healer across space and time and brings self-love, a capacity for nurturing, and healing on all levels, physical and etheric.

Orbicular Jasper | In keeping with its symbolism, ocean jasper is said to provide calm, uplifting energy to the holder in trying times, feeding into a more optimistic outlook on life. The stone aids clearer communication, and enhances self-confidence as well as self-insight

Selenite | Keep your crystals energetically cleansed with Selenite. Use this stone to charge crystals after using them or carrying them for the day. Selenite can also be placed on a window sill to protect a room and distil any negative energy. 

Shungite | This stone is extremely grounding and is also believed to help shield you from electromagnetic frequencies.

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