The 889 Mala
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The 889 Mala

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This mala was created in collaboration between the Mala Collective and 889 Community. Our vision was to create a mala that truly felt like 889 in a necklace. The rose quartz has mystical properties that open up the heart chakra and the quartz crystal emits and energy that gives you clarity. We sincerely hope you enjoy this mala in your life and that you can feel clear and spread love and peace in your life.


The Mala Collective Family in Bali is proud to spread the ideals of peace through authentic mala beads. All of their malas are handmade, fairtrade, authentic, and blessed before leaving the island. Their growing team in Indonesia receive fair trade wages, and also benefit from profit sharing from world-wide sales. During the day, their team strings the mala beads, and at night, they are handed out in the village to be knotted. Each piece is knotted with care, and then blessed, before finding their new home. Not only are they employed in a job that provides them a healthy living, but they are also doing a job in which they truly believe they are spreading peace around the world. 

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