Agate Geode
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Agate Geode

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Agate Geode Crystals are known as the stone of Healing and Good Luck. It’s shape holds and amplifies energy and thought within their rounded cave-like shapes. Agate rebalancing and harmonising for the mind, body and spirit states. It cleanses and balances the connection between heart and mind.

Agate enhances perceptiveness, concentration and analytical capacity. It encourages honesty, courage and protects its user from danger.  A great destressing and awakening crystal. Buy in a pair to bring you and a loved one closer together.

Place your agate geode around your home in places where energy needs amplifying, during meditation / self care ritual or in your handbag/ pocket as you move around.

Energy: Receptive
Planet: Mercury
Element: Water
Deity: Bragi
Zodiac: Gemini
Powers: Strength, courage, longevity, gardening, love, healing and protection.

Origin: Brazil

Sizes and Shape will vary. 

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