Amethyst Worry Stone

Amethyst Worry Stone

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Amethyst Worry Stone helps one out with all kinds of stress and anxiety, bringing soothing shades of spirituality straight to your palm. Amethyst is known for being one of the strongest stones in the pack when it comes to stacked healing properties. Slip out this stone every time you feel a flush of negative energy and let it bathe you in its serene light of being. 

“With this stone, I let the feelings come and go without falling into overwhelm”

Worry stones have been around for centuries, from Ancient Greeks picking smooth pebbles from the sea to Irish country folk fishing lucky stones from the clear cold riverbeds, these nature polished stones were picked and fiddled until all those fears simply ebbed away. There’s something about the comforting weight, smooth surface, and cool touch of a stone that sits gently with the soul.

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