Aragonite Sputnik Cluster

Aragonite Sputnik Cluster

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Natural beautiful pieces of Aragonite with the crystals clustered onto each other. These clusters of Aragonite with their lovely orange/brown with hints of a deep red tone.

Sputniks due to their resemblance to the very first man-made satellite ever to be launched into space the Russian satellite Sputnik 1 launched in October of 1957!

Quite a visually striking stone, Aragonite is often sought by those who push themselves too hard, or more often, their friends.

Aragonite provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress. Aragonite is attuned to the Earth Goddess, encouraging conservation and recycling. It is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone.

Aragonite is a good Earth healer and encourages the conservation of Earth’s precious resources. Aragonite works with all of the chakras but can work specifically with the Root/Base Chakra, for grounding, and with the Earth-Star Chakra.


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