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 Welcome to the Huha Bodysuit. The one-of-a-kind, patented bodysuit includes a fully removable underwear piece that's free of uncomfortably placed snaps or trims. This gives you the flexibility for easy-access throughout the day, and to remove the underwear piece for washing/replacing so you can continue wearing the body. Each item comes with 1 body + two underwear gussets (for one replacement while the other is being washed).

Fully detachable front closure

The front attachment sits comfortably above the pubic area, removing the need for awkwardly placed fixtures in the center of the crotch, and allowing you to fully detach the underwear piece to wash and replace.

No more uncomfortable snaps

With the front and back attachments, the gusset/crotch area is totally free of hardware, giving you the regular comfort of our everyday Mineral Undies. The Huha Body Gusset also features a mineral enhanced liner.

Easy access back closure

The easy-to-reach back attachment is comfortably placed at the tailbone, allowing you to get in and out of your Huha Body easily throughout the day.


Replace and continue wearing

The front hook and eye clasps allow you to fully remove and replace the underwear piece, and ensure for no more uncomfortable clasp placments.


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