Golden Elixir
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Golden Elixir

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D E T O X I F Y  +  R E V I T A L I Z E


B E N E F I T S  |  Detoxifying, liver support, immune building, digestive

Dear wild one, living life to the fullest, Elixir No. 1 is your ultimate green juice in a tonic because sometimes our livers need a little love. The dandelion & burdock root help detox & cleanse from those fun dinners out or excess alcohol (we have all been there) while the sarsaparilla cleanses the mind of negative emotions so you don't carry the guilt either. Golden is packed with anti-ageing, rejuvenative vitamins & nutrients, it's your one stop healing shop.

I N G R E D I E N T S | Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale), Burdock Root (Arctium lappa), Stinging Nettle Leaf (Urtica dioica), Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber officinale), Mexican Sarsaparilla (Smilax medica).

Other Ingredients: Cane ethanol + distilled water

R I T U A L   | Morning - 1 - 3 full pipettes in warm water or a few drops on the tongue prior to eating to get those digestive juices going.

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