Labradorite Slice

Labradorite Slice

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Labradorite crystal helps you to fall into a deep sleep and tap into the limitless potential of your dream state. For sleep to be truly rejuvenating, you need to sleep soundly and without interruption. By guiding you to dream freely, the Labradorite crystal meaning facilitates peaceful, restful and deep sleep.

Place it somewhere you will see it each day as a reminder that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. The stone meaning will also emit positive vibrations into your environment so you feel supported on your life’s journey. 

To complete your crystal practice, place a Labradorite crystal in your space. For sleep, placing it on your nightstand or somewhere close to your bed is the most effective spot because the stone can emit its energy into your bedroom and create an environment that supports deep sleep.  



Polished slices of Labradorite originating from Madagascar. 

Size range:  1 3/4" to 3 1/4"



**Sizes, colours and shapes vary. 

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