Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover
Province Apothecary

Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover

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Province Apothecary's Moisturizing Cleanser + Make Up Remover is a staple in 889's skincare routine. Use it nightly to remove make-up and dirt. This two-in-one cleanser make up remover is suitable for all skin types. Its hydrating oils remove make up & excess oil, restoring your skin’s natural radiance while gently cleansing without over-drying your skin or destroying its natural pH. This essential oil blend calms, reduces stress, and relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system. It also helps your skin stay nourished, balanced, and healthy. *This product has a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

Star Ingredients:

Raspberry Oil stimulates cell turnover, rejuvenating skin

Bergamot Oil clears congestion. Frankincense tones the skin

Lavender heals blemishes and works as a restorative


1. Warm oil in your palm

2. Massage into face and neck in a circular motion

3. Remove cleanser off with a damp face cloth

4. For even better results, follow with Province Apothecary Toner

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