Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer Natural Pre-workout
Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer Natural Pre-workout - The 889 Shop
Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer Natural Pre-workout - The 889 Shop

Green Energy Pre-Vinyasa Energizer Natural Pre-workout

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300g/30 servings

This delicious all-natural berry-licious pre-practice energizer is the solution to “what should I have before my morning practice that won’t make me feel gross but will give me energy and focus?”  Because some of us do need a little boost before practice but don’t like the barfy, heartburny feeling that happens when vinyasas, twists and forward bends follow a yummy cappuccino. Ick. Pre-Vinyasa Energizer is an energizing and alkalinizing powder you mix with cold water and drink about 30 minutes before practice. This is stimulant-free energy! Sure to get you happily from rolling out of bed all the way to your post-practice coffee or matcha. You’re welcome.

  • Alkalinize with enriching greens and antioxidants – wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spinach, acai, maca and berries

  • Get into your flow with L-citruline, L-carnitine, beets, maritime pine bark, choline and MCT oil

  • Sweat it out with milk thistle, turmeric and Himalayan sea salt

  • Seriously delicious natural berry flavour, with zero calories, and no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives

  • Supplements for people who love yoga

Adults 18+ Mix 1 scoop with cold water (in a shaker cup or water bottle, or in a glass with spoon) and enjoy 30-60 minutes before your practice.

Health Canada Approved Product Licence #80087313


This game-changing pre-practice drink mix is our new favorite way to start the day! This combination of wheat grass, barley grass, maca, alfalfa, acai, spinach and berries is the perfect alkalinizing blend of organic greens and antioxidants to set you up for success.

L-citrulline, beet root extract, and pine bark extract supports blood flow to your working muscles and improved circulation while you bend and move your way through class. MCT oil from coconut plus choline, pure cocoa extract and the amino acid Acetyl l-carnitine all support energy and focus throughout your practice. Finally, milk thistle, turmeric, pink Himalayan sea salt and l-taurine help you stay hydrated and help with healthy detoxification as you sweat.

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