Pink Aventurine
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Pink Aventurine

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Pink Aventurine is a rare variety of Aventurine, which is famous as a green stone but actually comes in every color of the rainbow including red and pink.  Aventurine has a distinctive natural sparkle, an optical affect known as aventurescence, which is caused by trace inclusions of Mica minerals.  Without its glitter, it would be a chalcedony.  While all pink stones are associated with love, Aventurine is associated with courage and hope.  Pink Aventurine’s energy is ideal when we need to be brave in love, whether that means telling someone how we feel about them, deepening the intimacy in a relationship, or daring to love again after heartbreak.

Pink Aventurine urges us to live from the heart and be willing to love boldly. It reminds us that Love is at the center of all true religions, and that anything that counsels hate or disconnection cannot be true. Pink Aventurine helps us to face difficult situations and to act decisively for the Highest Good. It is a stone of great wisdom, reminding us how lucky we are simply to be alive and able to enjoy all this world offers us

Pink Aventurine is believed to be an excellent stone for healing and regulating the physical heart and circulatory system. Metaphysical healers most often use it as a general first aid stone for infants, children, and the elderly as well as more specifically to treat sleep disorders. 


Origin: Canada


 Sizes and Shape will vary.


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