Smoky Quartz | Cluster
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Smoky Quartz | Cluster

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Smoky Quartz, with a Mohs hardness rating of 7, boasts a resilient crystal structure and a glossy finish. Its finest specimens can be found in Brazil, where they are meticulously mined and sourced. Ranging from light to dark translucent greyish-black with hints of brown, Smoky Quartz clusters are truly exceptional and each one displays its own distinct characteristics. These clusters make excellent decorative materials for fish tanks, aquariums, small fountains, or a standout piece in any crystal collection. The dark color of Smoky Quartz is believed to have energy cleansing properties, specifically targeting the root chakra and solar plexus.

As a grounding stone, it also encourages environmental awareness and reconnects us to the natural world. Additionally, Smoky Quartz aids in healing from past traumas. Please note that due to the unique nature of crystals, each piece will vary in size and color.


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