Sodalite Worry Stone

Sodalite Worry Stone

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Rubbing a worry stone is very soothing as it puts pressure on nerves within your thumb that release endorphins, your brain's natural relaxants. This repetitive motion helps lessen your worries, creates feelings of calmness & you also benefit from the healing properties of Sodalite itself.

Sodalite is a deep blue crystal known for its calming and soothing connection to your third eye and throat chakra. We know this connection to produce a combination of energies that heal both your body and spirit. For anyone who’s interested in being more intuitive, strengthening their self-confidence, working on their spiritual growth and their ability to express themselves, tapping into the energies of sodalite crystals could provide you with the ideal healing tools.

Possessing strong healing powers Sodalite can ease panic attacks and bring emotional balance to your life. You can boost your self-trust, self-acceptance, self-esteem. It can even help your immune system by overcome calcium deficiencies and boosting your metabolism.


**Stone colour will vary. 

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