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Morganite Aura Necklace - The 889 Shop

Morganite Aura Necklace

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For over a century, scientists have investigated (and justified) the existence of the human aura. This energy field surrounds our entire body and consists of multiple auric layers that encompass our physical bodies and connect us to the outside world.

I correlate the aura with morganite because it’s a gemstone that is attuned to the frequency of divine love and compassion. It opens the heart chakra on a deeper level, making one aware of the cosmic love that resides within us and connecting us to each other. It helps with self-healing by quickly releasing stagnant patterns and emotions like grief, doubt, shame and sorrow. When worn on the body, morganite energy clears the aura and raises your frequency to allow for self-discovery and a fresh perspective.

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