Tocos + Matcha

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What is it? A blend of tocotrienols and matcha for a superpower potion to elevate your smoothies, elixers or nut mylks.  

Highlights: Part of the vitamin E family, tocotrienols are known to be antioxidant, help lower cholesterol + have been associated with cardiovascular wellness. Not only that- tocos may work as an anti-inflammatory, aid in optimal eye health + to love your brain! Matcha is a true green beauty. traditionally used as a powerful anti-oxidant, matcha may help boost metabolism, support healthy detoxification, may assist in enhancing mood + contains the amino acid L-Theanine which is said to promote better concentration. this chlorophyll rich powder has been used to calm the mind + relax the body all the while may help to boost energy levels.

Why We Love It: These potions are so easy to use and boost your current routine. Heat your fav nut mylk + whisk in one to two tablespoons of tocos + matcha. Remove from heat + add honey to taste.  Or add one tablespoon to smoothies, elixirs, or breakfast bowls daily.

Ingredients: Tocotrienols (rice bran solubles) [non gmo], organic ceremonial matcha green tea powder, love.

  • no sweeteners (including stevia), preservatives, fillers or artificial flavours

  • products are made without gluten, grains, sugar, nuts, soy, corn, dairy, eggs. however, they are made in a facility that also handles wheat, grains, peanuts + tree nuts. 

Size: 150 g

Brand Love: We love Gut Lab because they are Canadian, female-led brand hustling to supercharge wellness for people and the planet.



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