Working Out With The Body Bands

Resistance Bands The Body Bands Workout

The 889 Body Bands are quickly becoming one of our favourite props! Whether you're practicing at home or here at 889, these fabric bands will get you sweating in no time. 

Made with a durable stretch woven fabric in 3 different resistances the workout possibilities with these bands are (almost) endless! No need for heavy weights or cumbersome dumbbells as The Body Bands offer comparable workouts and results. Tone and strengthen targeted muscle groups by working against the pull of the band instead of the weight against gravity. 

We love that these bands come in a white mesh carrying pouch for easy washing and storing. 

Ready to get started with resistance bands? Here are a few of our go-to workouts with The Body Bands. If you need more or less resistance, try using another band as each band is a different resistance. 


  1. Bicep Curl. Step both feet on the band while holding the looped end of the band in each hand, palms facing forward. Curl hands up to shoulders while keeping your upper arm steady. Slowly release back down.
  2. Push Up. Wrap the band around the back of your shoulders while holding the looped end in each hand. Place hands with the band on the floor in an plank position. Slowly lower your chest to the floor. Press back up until arms are long.


  1. Reverse Crunch. Laying down on your back loop the strap around a fixed object to hold the band and loop your feet through the other. Begin with your legs our straight and tuck them into your abdomen.
  2. Side Plank. Add additional resistance to your side plank by holding the band in each hand, stretching your arm skyward to feel the resistance. 


  1. Pull Apart. Holding the band out in front of you, pull your arms out to the side. Slowly return to centre. 
  2. Bent Over Row. With knees hip distance apart, step on the band while holding the looped ends in each hand. With a slight bend in the knees and back, pull elbows skyward. 


  1. Squat. Wrap the band under your feet and hold onto the band at the front of the body with your hands next to your shoulders. Slowly sit down into a squat. Press up through heels to slowly come up.
  2. Glute Bridge. Laying down preparing for bridge, bring the band over the hips and hold in each hand.


  1. Thruster. Wrap the band under the feet and hold at chin height in the hands. Thrust arms upward, like a starfish and crouch 

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