HOW TO: Take the Best Care of Your Skin This Winter

Hydrating Dry Winter Skin

Have you been noticing chapped lips or flaky skin lately? Yeah, us too!

The season for hydrating and quenching dried skin is here.  We've rounded up our best-selling skin care products that will see you through the winter chill and beyond, refreshed and renewed!
Did you know that all the skincare products at 889 are oh so natural? We bring in clean beauty brands that use safe and beneficial ingredients to both our body and the earth.

Harsh winter conditions, meet Best Skin Ever

Living Libations Best Skin Ever (BSE) serums, available in Seabuckthorn, Rose and Frankincense, are saturated with omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds that nourish, restore and protect the skin.

We love that these elixirs can be used an an oil cleanser, hydrating serum and/or body oil. Living Libations is know for their high quality essential oils and concentrated products. A little definitely goes a long a way, to stretch your precious BSE serum, trying diluting it with an unscented body oil like coconut or jojoba.

More cold-season goodies from our friends at Living Libations

The All Season Serum from Living Libations is made for bearing the harshest of climates. It's a healthy drink of lipids: camellia, jojoba, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, immortelle, ylang, rockrose, verbena, fragonia and lemon. Honestly, you can't get any better than that! These ingredients join forces to turn back the clock, hydrate dry skin, balance humidity, maintain healthy oil production, and lift the spirits. 

Renew your skin throughout the day with the Rose Glow Complexion Mist from Living Libations. Use like a toner morning and night and apply throughout the day to instantly restore moisture. We love carrying the small one with us during the day, keeping it in the car or at our desk (when we're not WFH;)

Keep it local with Province Apothecary 

Locally owned Province Apothecary recommends the Protecting and Restoring Face Balm on top of their Rejuvenating and Hydrating Face Serum. This duo was made to protect against Canadian winters! We love that some of the rich and hydrating ingredients in these products are sourced from Canadian provinces.


The daily exfoliation step you don't want to miss

Gently cleansing and exfoliating with a konjac sponge is a key to clearing dry, dead skin from the face. Konjac sponges are gentle enough to use everyday, providing just enough friction to loosen dead skin. 

The next best thing about using a konjac sponge!? When you're ready for a new sponge, about 3-4 months, pop your old one into the compost!

Choose from skincare favourites like Rose Flower (hydration), Turmeric (natural glow), Charcoal (detoxifying), Lavender (calming), and Green Tea (reduce puffiness.  


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