The Props You Need for an At-Home Practice

At-Home Practice Props


Movin' At Home in 2022

Our favourite props to sustain your at-home practice

Building a sustainable movement or meditation practice at home is a simple act that rewards you in many areas of your life. While the benefits of moving are well known, building a new habit is a hard thing for us humans to do.

In his book, Atomic Habits, habit expert James Clear says to start small, incredibly small. So small that you couldn't possibly say no! Minuscule changes really do add up to the big changes that we yearn for.

If a movement practice is what you're after, Clear recommends laying out your mat as one of these small habits. We've often heard that showing up is the hardest part, so why not break up the hardest part into easier steps?

If you've set the intention to get on your mat today, just for today, roll out your mat. Admire the way it looks rolled out in your room. Smile. That's it! Feels good, doesn't it?

If a mat is what you need, keep reading. We've also picked some additional props you may want around as you build your at-home practice.

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The foundation of any home practice is your mat!

Don't know which is the perfect fit for you? We've got you covered. Here at The 889 Shop, we exclusively carry and use B Mats. B Mats are made by B Yoga in Spain. They are 100% rubber (both new and recycled), keep their grip for a LONG LONG time and easily wipe clean. 

You'll be happy to know that we carry all colours of the B Mat.

Everyday --> This mat offers perfect cushioning for a regular movement practice between home and studio with 4mm of thickness.

Strong --> This thick and heavy mat is our top pick for an at-home yoga practice. The Strong mat offers the most cushion and is ideal for at-home use because of its weight. 

Impact --> Ideal for high impact workouts, like Pilates, the Impact mat is thick, thick, thick and ultra squishy. Great for Pilates, not ideal for the balancing postures in yoga.

Barre Props

We love using the back of a chair or the counter for a barre substitute at home, but what about the real thing!? 

Our At-Home Barre is an amazing prop for our Barre lovers out there! It can easily be taken apart to fit in a closet or under the couch or bed. 

If you're working out on hard floors, make sure to sport Barre socks.

Movement Props for Yoga + Pilates

Having these props on hand has made our workouts from home that much more enjoyable.

The 889 Sliders --> Take your Pilates practice to another level with these sliders. Use on hard or soft floors.

The Cork Block --> Every yogi needs a couple blocks on hand to help them deepen or safety move into and out of postures. The best part about our cork blocks?? They're naturally antimicrobial. :) 

The Loop Strap --> Perhaps the simplest and most used prop in both yoga and Pilates. We love this strap for its length and many looping options. 

The Toning Balls --> These handheld weights are available in 2lb or 3lbs. We love how they help build and tone muscle. Our tip: introduce weights into your practice slowly by using them at the beginning of class and extending the duration until you feel strong enough to practice an entire class with weights.  

The Leg Bands --> Our woven Leg Bands come in a 2-pack for dynamic leg workouts. 

The Body Bands --> Getting tired of the same ol' props? This 3-pack of body bands will invigorate your practice while also strengthening and toning your body. They've been such a fun addition to our practice!

Stillness Props for Releasing + Restoring

Bolsters --> Try a Cylindrical Bolster for under your knees + a Rectangular Bolster for under your back and releasing your shoulders in restorative yoga.

Blankets --> Not just for Savasana! We love the Halfmoon Cotton Blankets for taking a heightened seat and keeping your hips above your knees when seated. They're also perfect for extra support on the knees when folded. If you find in challenging to be on your knees during practice, we recommend keeping a folded blanked in the middle of the mat during a yoga practice for extra cushioning. 

Happy moving!




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