Crystal Shapes + What They Mean

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Here at The 889 Shop we just love crystals! As one of Toronto's go-to places for beautiful and unique crystals we thought we'd take you through some common crystal shapes in our boutique and what they mean. 

When choosing a crystal, we commonly consider the type of mineral and its healing properties in our decision. For example, rose quartz is a stone that reminds us of love and encourages deep acceptance, but what's the difference between a rose quartz sphere, tower and tumbled stone?

The shape of a crystal determines how energy is moved or directed. It's an important factor to consider when actively using crystals for healing practices, such as meditating. 

Powerful Towers

Towers are shaped crystals that come to a point moving the energy of the mineral upward and out. Towers are powerful shapes that can easily be worked with in meditation. Hold the tower point toward you to bring healing energy in or away from you to release unhelpful energy.

You can also try putting towers on your bedside table or desk to amplify the mineral's natural characteristics while you work or fall asleep.

We must admit, crystal properties aside, they're just gorgeous to look at. Their solid bases make them a great choice for bookshelf decor or alter adoration.

Labradorite Tower | Selenite Tower | Opalite Tower | Pistachio Calcite Tower | Dream Amethyst Tower | Green Aventurine Tower | Flower Agate Tower 

Palm Stones

Palm stones are weighty, comforting companions that are designed to nestle nicely into the palm of your hand. They can be used in a variety of ways and are also beautiful enough to display on a coffee or side table. Try holding a palm stone during meditation to notice the subtle grounding effects.

Moss Agate Palm Stone | Blue Calcite Palm Stone 

Worry Stones

Worry stones are small oval stones with a thumb-shaped indentation on one side. These stones easily fit in a pocket and make for a comforting companion in times of distress or worry. 

Worry stones have been soothing troubled minds for centuries, maybe longer! Why? The simple act of rubbing a stone helps calm the nervous system by sending a signal to the vagus nerve that all is well. The act of both touching and rubbing is a signal to our nervous system that we are ok, even when our mind thinks we're not.

Having trouble falling asleep? We love keeping a worry stone on our bedside table and using it as an aide to fall asleep.

Amethyst Worry Stone | Fluorite Worry Stone | Clear Quartz Worry Stone | Green Moss Agate Worry Stone | Golden Quartz Worry Stone | Labradorite Worry Stone | Lapis Lazuli Worry Stone | Moonstone Worry Stone | Pyrite Worry Stone | Red Jasper Worry Stone | Rose Quartz Worry Stone | Sodalite Worry Stone | Sunstone Worry Stone 


Endless Spheres

Sphere minerals emit their energy from all sides into a space evenly. Spheres provide an overall feeling of stability, harmony, and unity. They remind you that you are a part of a greater whole, kinda like you're holding the Earth in the palm of your hand. 

Clear Quartz Small Sphere | Amethyst Sphere | Spinel Sphere | Optical Calcite Sphere | Red Agate Sphere | Blue Agate Sphere | 


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