Meditation: Setting the Mood, Both Inside and Out.

Training the mind to sit and stay, day after day, is a habit that takes time to build. And a habit definitely worth building! When time allows, we love creating a bit more of a ritual around our meditation practice to make it that much more enticing.


Scent can be a wonderful way to infuse a sense of meaning into the air before practice. Scent is processed by the olfactory bulb in the brain, setting off a process that quickly reaches the regions in our brain responsible for emotion and memory. Try choosing a scent with warm and positive nostalgic qualities to take advantage of this natural process.

We’re head-over-heels for the complex and grounding incense by Incausa. Made with makko (a Japanese cedarwood) and palo santo, in 4 sacred scents, the warm and woody aromas immediately calm and centre the body preparing it for the stillness of meditation.

Looking for a sophisticated incense holder? Well look no further!

We’re enchanted with the Still Incense Burner, a sculptural and minimally designed piece constructed out of post-consumer brass. When not in use this artfully designed piece can easy style a shelf or sideboard. We pairing this holder with Province Apothecary’s black charcoal incense sticks in Black Spruce, Lavender or Cedar for a minimalistic look.


Sound also plays an important part in a mediation practice. The ring of a rod against a brass singing bowl has guided practitioners in and out of practice for centuries. The simple sound signals the body to begin, a cue for the mind to settle, pause and pay attention.

Here at The 889 Shop we carry 2 beautifully crafted brass singing bowls.

The Hammered Brass Singing Bowl Set by Halfmoon is a great bowl to introduce sound into your practice. Made in Nepal with a soft felted ring made from New Zealand wool.

The Practitioner Grade Singing Bowl from Incausa is also made in Nepal with a simple and clean design. It’s a little larger than the Hammered Brass Singing Bowl, producing a deep resonating sound.  


If staying awake or focus is a challenge during meditation, trying sipping a cup of Fleurs Woke Tea. This tea was created by Tee, Fleurs founder, when she was working and in university full-time. Now that’s a mind we have to hack!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the herbs in this spectacular blend:

Ginko Biloba contains high amounts of antioxidants. It stimulates blood circulation, increasing energy levels with the body. Consuming Ginkgo Biloba has been shown to reduce headaches, cramps and blood coagulation (hello to our long meditators out there!).

Gotu Kola improves brain function, longevity, intelligence and cognitive function. Need we say more!?

Yerba Mate provides smooth energy (unlike coffee) that is gentle, calm and clean. It allows you to experience a state of alert wakefulness without the negative side effects from a stimulant like coffee.


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