Bumps + Babies: Our Picks for Mamas

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We love sharing and celebrating in the excitement of a newborn babe! We've picked out some of our favourite products for our mamas to ease them through such a great time of change and transformation.

Use these picks to choose some thoughtful gifts for a baby shower or to help make your home baby ready. Wherever you find yourself, we're sure these carefully curated products will be put to great use in a family home. 

For Baby

The heart-shaped wooden baby brush from Iris Hantverk is SO CUTE and soft enough for a baby's delicate scalp. Made with white birch and goat hair, this brush is gently exfoliates a baby's tender scalp. Use on dry hair only.

For bath time, we like the Knob Bath Brush as it works up a good lather to caress all the folds in a baby's smooth skin. Made with oil-treated maple and horse hair.

We've always loved Unwrapped Life's plastic and package-free shampoo and conditioner bars. Continuing with baby hair care, we love their ultra-gentle cleansing bar as it helps to safely balance the skin on baby's scalp and keep their hair (or lack thereof) cleansed without stripping away natural oils. The cleansing bar is made with only natural ingredients and mild enough for everyday use. Safe for little ones (even newborns) with sensitive skin! With this natural cleansing bar for baby, you can expect a highly-moisturizing creamy lather that will stay in place during cleansing (reducing drips, but not tear-free!). This bar can last between 50-75 washes. 

Keeping babies clean and sweet smelling is a job! We appreciate the Organic Cotton Washcloth from Iris Hantverk for bath time and beyond. Available in classic colours like grey, white, and natural. A staple for every household with (or without) babes.

Made by a Torontonian mama, for baby and whole family, the Nama Mama Everything Balm lives up to its namesake. This balm was created to heal the sensitive skin of a babe including diaper rashes, eczema, bug bites, bruises and skin irritations. This all natural blend is infused with flowers, herbs and calming antibacterial lavender. It can be applied from birth on dry skin and for simple everyday moisturizing. We especially love the easily packable container, perfect for the diaper bag!

For Mama
The Petal Primer Yoni Serum from Living Libations tones the sensitive yoni tissue both pre and post-birth. This outrageous smelling organic serum may be enjoyed daily or weekly to tone and strengthen yoni tissue and during pregnancy to prepare body and spirit for the great passage of birth. This pleasant preparatory massage blend may be used in the three months leading up to birth (or before). It steadies the delicate tissue of the perineal area as they ready themselves for birth. Massaging regularly will lovingly coax the tissue to stretch. Perineal massage is an ancient midwifery tradition and a wonderful way to align your body and soul as you prepare to meet your little one.

Moi Beauty Balm from Toronto based Sade Baron was originally a booby balm for chapped nipples! This oversized balm can be uses it all over your body to soothe chapped lips, peeling or itching skin, dry cuticles, fingertips, and areas prone to eczema, dryness or discomfort. A little goes along way! This product is fragrance-free. Safe for breastfeeding.

Earth Oil for Love and Liberation is an unscented magnesium-infused oil that naturally relaxes and grounds the body. Did you know magnesium is essential for a healthier pregnancy? Founder of Earth Connection Oil, MJ Renshaw says, "here is the not-so-fun truth about magnesium deficiency and pregnancy: If you are low on magnesium, you’re actually less likely to conceive because of possible spasms in the fallopian tube. If you do get pregnant, your risk of having a miscarriage is higher and you are more likely to go into labor prematurely because of uterine hyper-excitability (in other words, an over-sensitive uterus). The life-threatening pregnancy complication preeclampsia is associated with a magnesium deficiency, and the same goes for gestational hypertension, as well as leg cramps and water retention. Magnesium is ESSENTIAL for a happy and easy pregnancy." We also love using this oil for abdominal cramping and muscle soreness.

Small enough to pop in a pocket, Leaves of Trees Calm Balm calms frayed nerves with lavender and peppermint. Made here in Toronto with soothing organic essential oils and nourishing, fair-trade argan oil, shea butter and organic beeswax. This essential is so small it fits right into your pocket or diaper bag.

For the Whole Family 
Saving the best for last! We love Stray + Wander's organic cotton blankets. Every product is 
ethically sourced from Turkey. They work with women’s cooperatives, family run businesses and individual artisans to bring beauty into your home. The Roundie is a fun round blanket that will grow with your little one. It's sure to be the blankie that lasts and lasts! We appreciate the hand-rolled tassels and naturally dyed Turkish cotton making this round blanket the perfect addition to a family snuggle for years to come.




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