How We Wake Up: A Morning Skincare Routine

morning routine skincare routine

We're so curious about daily routines, morning routines in particular can say a lot about a person, after all it is how we prepare ourselves to show up in the world. 

Here's how one member of our Happiness Team wakes up!

Alarm at 6:40 am. 
Tongue scraping at 6:41 am.
"Tongue scraping is probably the simplest thing I do each and every morning to take care of my body. I've noticed better breath throughout the day and I love the feeling of accomplishment a few minutes after I wake up. I've gifted one to everyone in my family!"

(Did you know using a Copper Tongue Scraper is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that helps to rid the body of toxins by removing the layer of bacteria on the surface of your tongue? We use it morning + night!) 

Boil the kettle + wash my face at 6:45 am.
"In the morning I wash my face with a Konjac Sponge and warm water. I walk around massaging my face with the sponge as I boil the kettle and fetch honey and tea from the cupboard."

(Hey, Mama Earth, we love you + we love that konjac sponges are comprisedof compostable plant material. We like to change our sponges every 2-3 months.)

Facial massage at 6:47 am.
"Right after I wash my face I tone + apply a light layer of Calming Birch Serum. My favourite part of the morning is waking my skin up with a gua sha facial massage. This little rose quartz tool feels amazing along my jawline, especially since I clench and grind at night. The gua sha loosens my facial muscles and immediately makes my complexion brighter."

(Have we told you that the Toner from Province Apothecary has essential oils in it that support hormonal imbalances? We wear it as a light scent when we feel a little out-of-sorts.)

Lemon water + pouring tea + tincture at 6:50 am.
"First thing in my body every morning is a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. I follow this with a hot tea or decaf coffee (I'm caffein free!). I've been adding the Rainbo 11:11 tincture to my hot drink for a year now to support my immune system! Since I don't like to eat mushrooms, this helps me get the best of these little ones!"

(Try a pouring a cup of Fleurs CBD Woke tea in the morning. Herbs like ginkgo biloba and gotu kola help with focusing and memory throughout the day, or at least until lunch! Your nervous system will thank you.)

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