Choosing Crystals for Quarantine

There have been a few crystals we've been turning to over the past year, here we share our crystal picks for quarantine and moving through the unknown. 





We've chosen amethyst for two reasons. First, it's a stone that helps us to transcend the ego mind. During quarantine, it's been so easy to loose perspective amid so much uncertainty as the ego mind loves to over-identify with outer circumstances causing us to forget who we really are. Through meditation, amethyst reminds us that there's a space in us that is unchanging and constant, safe and accepting. Connecting to this place in meditation has been crucial for our sanity during the pandemic.

We also chose amethyst for its sleepy dreamy qualities. We like having a small cluster on our bedside table to keep us connected to our true self as it lulls us into a restoring night's sleep. 


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone that helps us connect and accept ourselves. We've been practicing with larger Rose Quartz chunks in meditations by laying down and placing the stone over our heart. We've noticed our thoughts become a little more kind and compassionate when working with Rose Quartz.

It's been easy to judge ourselves for feeling more out of sorts this past year. Rose Quartz reminds us that we are moving through something big and unknown, and we're not alone in doing so. It teaches us how to befriend and soothe ourselves in scary times. So many of us are more alone and isolated, Rose Quartz can teach us that we can be our own comfort when we're lonely or scared. We're capable of holding and tending to many contradictory things at once, that's what makes being a human being so special. 

Black Tourmaline

A stone of protection, Black Tourmaline is like a little black hole that sucks in any energy that isn't yours and doesn't serve you, transmuting it back to Source. We keep a small worry stone in our pockets to help us stay centred during our daily walk or a trip to the grocery store. Rubbing this stone to keep you grounded and present with your body is a comforting somatic practice. Black Tourmaline helps us to easily release what is not ours to carry.



Agate is a stone with subtle and powerful energies. Keeping a little agate geode in the centre of your home emits stabilizing and strengthening frequencies throughout the space. We've found this to be particularly useful as so many of us have transitioned to working from home.


Use selenite at the end of the day to clean your aura before you sleep. You can do this by holding a piece of selenite in your hand and brushing it over your body, much like you brush hair. Make long sweeping movements down your arms, torso and legs. Take notice of how different you feel afterwards, you may also have a better nights sleep too.

We've put all these crystals in the Stay At Home Crystal Bundle.


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