Face Masks That Keep You Glowing!

Charcoal Mask Face Mask Hydrogel Mask

We love a good face mask and the slow ritual of tending to our skin with love and care.

That's why we stock the shop with some of the best masks on the market, and we're excited to help you find the mask that's just right for you.

As always, The 889 Shop only carries skin care products that are free of harmful ingredients. 

First, let's take a look at our dry or masks. As these masks are in powder form, your experience can be customized by combining with your choice of liquid. We love using the Best Skin Ever oils from Living Libations. Honey and yogurt are also beneficial for the skin. 

Green Superfood Clay Mask | Sarisha Beauty

Recommended Most for: Sensitive skin, rosacea, acne-prone. Great before or after sun-exposure. 

This clay mask is made with high-quality and organic ingredients such as:

- Spirulina. This source of gamma-linolenic acid, also rich in vitamins and minerals has serious soothing and calming effects.

- Guava Fruit. Rich in vitamin C and lycopene, great for protecting with skin before and after sun exposure.  

Moon Dust Exfoliating Mask | Sarisha Beauty 

Recommended most for: Dull, dry skin. Healing breakouts and fading scars. 

Made with an unbelievable concoction of nourishing clays, adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms and naturally exfoliating fruit enzymes. 

This mask is FULL of antioxidants that will prevent premature aging and free radical damage to the skin. One reviewer says, "I'm not lying when I say this mask is pure magic!"


Noire Charcoal Mask | Cardea Auset

Recommended most for: Clearing blackheads and unclogging pores.

This is not your average charcoal mask! The highly concentrated powder blend paired with bentonite clay removes toxins from the deeper layers of the skin. 

To use, mix equal parts Noire with water or honey, and apply to skin. Leave on skin for 8-12 minutes, depending on dryness. Rinse or wipe with a warm, damp cloth to remove, and follow with a hydrating mist, oil, or moisturizer.


Now, for the hydrogel masks! 



Caffeine Mask | 100% Pure

Recommended most for: Sun-damaged skin.

This ultra hydrating hydrogel mask is packed with anti-inflammatory caffeine, to calm redness and restore dry, sun-damaged skin. The "hydrogel" mask material is composed of 95% organic aloe juice and 5% plant cellulose, to intensely quench and soothe skin.

A great after beach ritual! 


Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask | 100% Pure

Recommended most for: A golden glow.

Ultra hydrating hydrogel mask features anti-aging ginseng root to support collagen production, enhance suppleness, and promote youthful firmness. 

Tip: Popping the 100% Pure hydrogel masks into the fridge before you apply can help to cool red or inflamed skin.



Green Tea Water Bomb Mask | 100% Pure

Recommended most for: Dry skin.

Intensely hydrating mask uses cucumber and hyaluronic acid to replenish dry skin. Made with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich green tea, to help soothe and protect.

Using these masks feels like an at-home spa day! 







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