The Benefits of Drinking Collagen


Collagen is all the hype right now, and here's why we think it's a trend that will keep on going!

Did you know the benefits of collagen go further than dewy and fresh looking skin? We love that our skin looks its best on the outside, but its truly what's on the inside that gives us that glow. Let's take a closer look. 

Collagen is the glue in our body. It's in our bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. It's what keeps our skin tight and firm. Our body naturally makes collagen to support the movements and proper functioning of these wonderful parts, but did you know that collagen production slows after the age of 25?! Hello, wrinkles and achy bodies.

While we would love to source as much collagen as we can from food sources, our bodies can't actually breakdown things like chicken into the smaller bits of collagen to be absorbed by the body.

That's why we've been paying close attention to what we consume, and we're not just talking abut food here, but supplements like vitamins, minerals and probiotics. We're specifically interested in how supplements help increase our collagen production, and in turn keep our skin glowing, decrease joint pain, prevent bone loss, boost muscle mass and reduce heart related conditions.

Enter, Aura. We brought Aura's beauty elixirs and powders into the shop as we think they make one of the best collagen supplements out there. And here's why!


Aura is made with marine collagen, which absorbs 1.5 times more quickly than other collagen sources. Aura sources high grades of hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides while also stringently testing for impurities and metals, including lead and mercury. Their marine collagen is sourced from ethically and sustainably-caught wild fish off the coasts of France in the deep, pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Aura also adds vitamin C to their products to help activate collagen in the body. 

As a special touch, Aura has formulated two flavours of collagen, Coconut and Wild-berry Hibiscus, so they're easily integrated into drinks or sparkling water for a virgin cocktail! Each bottle contains a 35-day supply.

Aura also has beauty powders that focus on gut health.

In the last few years the amount of research on gut health has grown exponentially, thanks to our ability to start growing gut cultures in the lab (about a decade ago). As it turns out, the gut is our body's home base for health. For example, did you know about 70% of the immune system is just on the other side of your gut? Just a membrane away!

Aura's beauty powder's protect your skin against oxidative damage and inflammation with natural plants like mangosteen, camu-camu, pomegranate and pre and probiotics. All by taking care of the gut first!



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